SL24 Basketball Classic

The theme of The SL24 Basketball Classic was “More Than a Game”. SL24 asked athletes in The Classic to finish this statement, “I am more than an athlete, I am …” The scope of the answers was incredible, but overall we were reminded of the dynamism of humanity and the unique light of each individual. The SL24 Classic highlights so much more than great basketball, but it is SL24 UnLocke the Light’s largest awareness event for our mission to educate, assist, and support youth on their mental health journey. 

The Classic has its roots in the response to darkness. Losing friend, son, brother, and teammate Sean Locke devastated the community, but inspired people to respond with light. The SL24 Basketball Classic was the first flame in this movement to prevent suicide and provide vital mental health and wellness supports for youth. Sean loved basketball and we are able to continue that love into the care of athletes, family, volunteers, and fans. Everyone hears our story as we model vulnerability and provide a mental health message to every team. The event had its largest gathering of teams, total attendance, sponsors, and funds raised!  The number in the picture above is absolutely incredible and will “keep the lights on” at Sean’s House and Sean’s Rooms across the State of Delaware; however, it is also more than a number. It represents generosity, memories of those we have lost in this journey, commitment to the mission, and so many courageous conversations providing critical support for those navigating mental health challenges.

Thank you to everyone that helped make The Classic such a success and we will see you all next year!