Sean’s House Programming

Unburden – Sundays – 7 p.m.

A regular mental health support group that meets weekly using a series of exercises to work through individual emotions and feelings, while also learning how to better assist others through their emotions and feelings.

Contact: Casey Coston

For the Parents – Second Monday of each month – 7 p.m.

“For the Parents” is a support group geared towards parents and caretakers of children or young adults struggling with mental illness.  This group will create a safe, confidential space for parents and caretakers to learn how to effectively communicate, support, and understand their child as they progress in their mental health journey.  The group also targets caretaker burnout, how to implement self-care, and psychoeducation on mental illness.  “For the Parents” will meet the second Monday of every month from 7-8:30PM at Sean’s House. 

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Contact: Tianna Wagner –

Survivors of Suicide Loss – First Monday of each month – 7 p.m.

The Survivors of Suicide Loss Program has monthly meetings  which can be attended in-person or virtually. Through the program, participants are given opportunities to learn more about suicide and the unique challenges that go along with grieving a suicide loss, as well as the space to discuss how their loss impacts their lives. This program is designed to provide basic information to participants while also connecting them with peers who have endured a uniquely similar loss experience. 

Contact: Tianna Wagner –

Making Strides (Running/Walk Group) – Every Wednesday – 6 p.m.

After being behind a desk or a computer screen all day, a jog or walk can be an incredibly relieving activity. This weekly group will meet each Wednesday (beginning June 16) at 6 p.m. for a run or walk. Smaller groups can be  split off if longer distances or slower paces are desired. A sign up will be available each week. 

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Contact: Scott Day –

Mindfulness- Twice a Month – Next: July 11 – 4 p.m.

Mindfulness is a meditative practice in which an individual attempts to hone their mental focus on the present moment. Often, we can find ourselves caught up in everyday life, in a constant state of “doing,” rather than simply “being.” The intention in mindfulness is to ground one’s thoughts and attention in the present moment in order to appreciate the present, and to allow whatever pops into the mind during practice, be it good or bad thoughts, to simply come and go. The idea is to let them be, without judging or holding tightly onto them. There is a vast literature documenting the wide array of benefits, both mental and physical, of practicing mindfulness regularly. Mindfulness can be practiced in different settings, but a common method is group sessions.

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Contact: Michael Szczechowski –

PAWS – Two/Three Visits A Week – Check Calendar for Updates

The comfort of an animal can mean so much during a mental health struggle. Through a great partnership with PAWS for People, we have weekly visits from dogs in our community. We have two-three visits a week.

Follow Sean’s House on social media for up to date schedules on the visits coming to 136 W. Main.

Contact: Scott Day –

Special Events

Summer 2021 Cornhole Tournament – Tuesday, June 29

Show off those backyard skills at the first-ever Summer Cornhole Tournament at Sean’s House. Food and drinks (non-alcoholic) will be provided. Prizes awarded to the top three teams!

Back up all your trash talk and sign up today to show off your skills!

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Contact: Scott Day –