Christmas Magic and A Boy Named Dylan

Chris Locke

Last week, Christmas Magic came to Sean’s House via a 5th grader from St. John the Beloved named Dylan.

Dylan had an idea this Christmas season, he wanted to be a Santa to someone this year. He wanted to show his generosity just like Santa does to all the little children around the world. Dylan decided that he wanted to be Santa to Sean’s House this year.

I had the pleasure and honor to greet Dylan at Sean’s House last Thursday. He was waiting there with his Mom, wearing his UD sweatshirt. He was a little nervous at first, as was I. As all of us are a little nervous, when you meet a new person for the first time.

But just like the story “T’was the Night Before Christmas”, I knew I had nothing to worry. Dylan had a twinkle in his eye and a smile so nice, I knew in a moment that the Magic of Christmas was all around us.

Dylan, like Santa, brought gifts to Sean’s House. Each of his gifts had a special meaning.

He brought a Christmas ornament of a basketball and a Santa hat to hang on our tree. It reminded me of Sean and his love of wearing Santa’s hat during the Christmas season. The ornament will always hang on Sean’s House tree, front and center because on the reverse side it says, “Dylan 2020”. Dylan also brought us a soap dispenser shaped in a basketball, so that we may clean our hands from the days hard work.

Dylan also gave us little candles with lights to put in the windows at Sean’s House, so that people can see the light and let the light help lead the way for people to get the help they need at Sean’s House.

Dylan donated $136.00 which represents the address at Sean’s House, 136 West Main Street. When I asked Dylan, how he raised this money. His response brought me to tears. He said, “I didn’t raise it, this is my Birthday money and I want you to have it to help people”.

Lastly, Dylan brought beautiful new comfy blankets that we can give to our guests. With each blanket, a handwritten note from Dylan, with a simple but eloquent message,

“You are Loved.”


Christmas is all about love. God loved us so much that he gave us his only begotten son on Christmas morning.

2020 has been a very unusual year. Most of us are looking forward to seeing this year come to an end. I must admit, I was not feeling a lot of Christmas spirit this year. That is, until I met a boy named Dylan. This ten-year-old boy brought the magic of Christmas back to me this year. He represents all that is great about Christmas; Hope, Faith and Love.

This Christmas I hope each of you feel the warmth of the hugs of your family, like Dylan’s warm blankets. And always remember:


Merry Christmas and God Bless,

Chris Locke


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