‘Ode to 136 Pt 5

1000 Nights in 136.

            Spending three years with Sean in 136 is the most cherished times that I will ever have, and that I will never forget.  The people, friendships, camaraderie, hangouts, and trials and tribulations made 136 the place that everyone knows it is.  It was the best place to live at the University of Delaware.  It was the place that everyone wanted to be any day of the week.  It was the place where friendship, bonding, joy, happiness, and comfort reached its peak.  But what truly took 136 to the mountain top over those 1000 nights is that it was the home for the best person that I have ever met, Sean Locke.

Everything Sean did––his conversations, jokes, mannerisms, dance moves, ideas, and just his presence––took good times at 136 and made them unforgettable great times.  He is the reason why 136 was the place to be any day of the week, the reason why people called 136 the best, and the reason why people will forever call 136 home.  Those who visited 136 one time, ten times, or a hundred times will tell you that they had a great time, they laughed, they danced, they met new people, and that they simply felt at home.

Sean’s light was the backbone to all it then, and it will continue on forever in Sean’s house.  He will continue to bring happiness, friendship, joy, laughter, and comfort to anyone who walks into Sean’s house for their first time or their 1001st time.

With love,

Kyle Lynch