‘Ode to 136 Pt 3

One Thirty Six.

The first word that comes to mind when I hear that number is “Home” Whether I see it on a lock, during a sports game or in a movie– my mind immediately goes to the last place I ever called home.  My sophomore year of college I was lucky enough to receive a phone call from my soon-to-be best friend Sean asking if I wanted to move there.  It was the best decision of my life.

The memories I had in that house will live with me forever.  It was the place where I truly felt happy, like nothing else mattered when I was there.  Not to mention the friendship and bonds I built that will last a lifetime.   I used to get jealous when my friends called it “Sean’s House” 5 years ago, but it was Sean’s house then and now it will be officially called that forever.  He was our captain, our glue, our fearless leader.  He was my hero.  My role model.  The only person I ever strived to be exactly like.  We brushed our teeth together every night, woke each other up for 8am’s (only to go back to sleep), and stayed up as late as possible in the family room because we didn’t want to lose another day in the house.

Sean opened up to me about what he was going through.  I haven’t told many people that.  This was hard for me to type without breaking down.  It was very hard for me to know how to react.  If Sean’s House existed then and professional help was easily accessible maybe he would still be here and I wouldn’t be writing this and my heart wouldn’t be permanently broken.   I never want another family or friend group to go through what the Locke’s or my friends had to encounter. Ever.  No one deserves that.  I wouldn’t wish the pain we endure on a daily basis on anyone.  I hope and know that Sean’s House will save lives and save the sufferings of countless family members and friends in the University of Delaware community.

And that’s why my heart is full of pride and joy to call 136 West Main St. – Home.