Warning, the following is rated PG.

Let me take us on a quick trip down memory lane.

Some of my favorite memories include hanging out with the boys in the living room, Sean making us listen to the new Justin Bieber/Matt Hill, and road trips in 2014 to watch Sean and UD basketball. I didn’t enjoy when Sean would send out a group text to the house chat stating “We have a meeting tonight in the living room. My dad is serious this time…..”. This then led to 136’s most dreaded day, “Landscaping Day”.

After our lecture on the couches, it was required that we cut the grass, and basically landscape the entire house. Luckily, my dad was willing to help and offered to come down on a Friday morning at 8 am. I was the first one awake as usual, and headed out back to get to work. My dad starts to fire up the chainsaw and cut down weeds that now have grown into 8 foot trees. Let’s just say it was a late night for the boys, and here comes everyone out back to get to work. It was a day that we definitely did not want to be a part of, but looking back I may have left out a few details of Landscaping Day, but that stays with the 136 crew. 

It is actually pretty ironic that Landscaping Day was one of my favorite memories considering here we are 5 years later doing the same thing. With the help of all the volunteers,  SL24: UnLocke The Light, and the light that Sean cast on others, his legacy will be able to help others and make sure that 136 is a place that makes them feel safe as it made me feel when I lived there.

-Eric, 136 Family Member

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