Ode to 136 Pt 1

April 4, 2014- Your average Thursday night where Sean once again insisted we over-dress

Ode to 136

Greg Cella

An Ode to 136.

136 West Main St. The first place on earth I truly called my home.  The first and only place on earth I have encountered where brotherly love, friendship, and genuine joy rushed through your body as soon as you entered the door. 136 was my first happy place where I could go after I  bombed an exam or had a terrible day and have a brother to talk to or simply goof off with to forget my problems.

December 23, 2015- The 136 Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

To its core, 136 was not only the best house house to live in on the University of Delaware’s campus, but it WAS Sean’s house. It was then, is now, and always will be. Sean was the glue that kept us all together.  Sean was the one who everyone wanted to be around when they came over.

Sean was the one who made the phone call to Mr. Locke to explain that the place was looking spotless regardless of all the people that were in the house the evening before.

As I’ve had the chance to think about it more, Sean’s House is the perfect name for 136. Sean’s warm, accepting persona perfectly exemplified what 136 was all about.  It was a place you would come home to & just feel better about yourself because you know your buddies would be there waiting to put a smile on your face.  It was a place where anyone, regardless of friend group, sports team, fraternity, social background, or physical appearance could come and simply enjoy themselves. It was a place where love and happiness were constantly present, regardless of the pressures & anxieties that all college students inevitably encounter.

October 14, 2016- Vintage Sean Locke- White Vans, adjusting his styled hair, the classic “Slocke Face”. 

The groundwork for what Sean’s House would evolve into has always been present, and that groundwork was laid by Sean Michael Locke- the greatest friend & person I have ever known. 

As I look back on all the great times I had with Sean & all my aces in this house, it makes me incredibly proud to know 136 will continue to make a positive impact on anyone who chooses to step foot inside.  I know I will personally stop by the house regularly to feel that warm, joyous feeling again and again.  Most importantly, I truly hope all the staff, volunteers, friends, and students that choose to stop by are able to share that same feeling every time they step foot into The Mecca. 

-Greg Cella, 136 Family Member

Greg Cella

Greg Cella

Greg Cella is the 136 Family Member that always kept his room the cleanest. After graduating from the University of Delaware, he started his Financial Planning practice with Diamond State Financial Group. If he isn’t on the golf course, he’s probably at the beach with his family & friends or waiting on the 76ers to finally complete the Process. He still listens to old Drake albums regularly, just like his buddy Sean would want him to.